Non Chexsystems Banks

Need a Non Chexsystems Bank account. Lets face it second chance bank accounts are getting hard to find, because; most banks use chexsystems.  Which makes it hard to find a bank account, but you still need a to have one to do business in today’s society even if you’re on chexsystems.

To find a bank account you can open today  read every word of this webpage because; it will show you how to open a new account at a real non chexsystems bank

    The first thing you should know is, a chexsystems record sticks with you for five years. Even worse, most banks use chexsystems and once you have a chexsystems record in your banking history a chexsystems bank will not open a second chance checking account for you.

But not all banks are use the that reporting system, and every once in awhile you can slip through the cracks, here what I found out. When you’re trying to open a checking account, your banker is going to run a computer background check on your banking and credit history.

This is the actual report they get ( I added the red arrows & lines)


This second chance bank account… “was opened”.

It was easy, I just asked the guy at the bank if he could override that one little thing. He called the home office and they said… “sure no problem” and the account was opened (This was a Chase Bank).

But if a chexsystems reports shows up most banks will not open the account.

Credit report and TransUnion is a little easier to work with. But always remember it doesn’t hurt to ask the banker to see if there’s anything they can do to help you open the account. Just by asking, you could end your problems on the spot.

    Bankers want to give you a second chance checking account. After all, it how they make money… “if” they believe you will be a good customer they want your business. And, they understand nobody’s perfect. So when you go to open your account dress like you’re successful – don’t whine & drown them with the details and rant and roar, be polite and act successful – it makes the best impression. People want to do business with people they like and respect and they want to run away from complainers and whiners.

 If something shows up ask them to call and see if this one small blemish can be overlooked. It’s not a 100% but; It does work.  But what do you do if the bank will not open your  non chexsystems bank account?

 Second Chance Bank Accounts

Well… it’s ”not” the end of the world. You will be all right. No matter what the bank says, there are ways to open a non chexsystems bank account.

 no matter how bad your chexsystems report is. Some banks will help you because they don’t check chexsystems. But to be honest these non chexsystems banks are pretty rare (but, there are a few out there).

    Real second chance bank accounts are as scarce as hens teeth, no matter how many website tell you they have a list of second chance banks. Chexsystems is very aggressive and they want all banks working with them. So if the bank will not open an account for you then what?

The real question is where are you going to cash your paycheck… How will you pay your bills without a bank account…Without getting sucked into the check cashing stores “huge fees” and buying expensive money orders to pay your bills with? Those places prey on people with chexsystems problems … its such a waste of good money.

 This is what worked for me.

I opened an account with a prepaid visa debit card. After trying (with no luck) to find a non chexsystems bank that would take me, I thought I was settling for less then a checking account offers.

But after I started using it, I discovered there’s a lot of advantages to these second chance checking accounts also known as pre-paid debit cards. Number 1 is: they beat the hell out of searching for a non chexsystems bank and paying outrageous check cashing fees.

Here are a few more benefits that come with a good non chexx bank account;

  1. Free direct deposit (no more check cashing fees or standing in line and wasting your Friday night).

  2. Visa or MasterCard cards get you access to ATM’s (so you can get cash anywhere at any bank even at the grocery store).

  3. These non chexsystems bank accounts come with online banking, pay bills from the internet free or from home or the office (no more stamps or expensive money orders)

  4. Shop online, reserve motels and rent cars .

  5. You get your life back … with this account you can do anything a checking account can do.

  6. You can open your second chance bank account even with bad credit or a chexsystems report on your record. (99% will be approved.. if you have an SS#)

  7. Money is becoming paperless… people use credit and debit cards more then cash. (So you will be able to do anything anybody else can do with this account)

  8. The non chexsystems bank account I recommend comes with check writing privileges (you will have checks for the few people that don’t take Visa or MasterCard)

  9. This account will even help you rebuild your credit and if you need it it has a built in loan feature (which might come in handy this Christmas)

  10. Your money is protected against loss or theft (if you lose you card or someone steals it you get all your money back… you can’t do that with a money order or cash)

  11. And no more stupid $35.00 overdraft fees… very nice little feature that will save you a bundle.

As you can see non chexsystems bank account  also known as second chance checking account or debit cards are very much like checking accounts. They offer almost everything a non chexsystems checking account will, it’s like having a bank account in your pocket, but it’s not perfect.


           Some of the drawbacks of a prepaid debit card account vs. a second chance checking account, are; First you will be charged a fee every month, usually about $5. to $7. a month and after 2 to 5 free ATM withdrawals you maybe charged for each additional ATM withdrawal.

All you have to do is; take out all the cash you need once a week and you’ll be fine. Remember you will be paying your bills online “for Free” anyway and you have the Visa or MasterCard to shop with so getting cash at the ATM is like an insurance policy… it’s there if you need it.

When you really look at everything these non chexsystems bank account scan do you understand that they are very much like any other bank account. And you anybody can get along just fine with  a second chance checking account.  I use my visa card 99% of the time. I pay my bills using free online banking. And I don’t buy stamps or drive all over town to pay bills

I can honestly say this Non Chexsystems Bank card has been the best second chance checking account  I could find and it’s working great. And at only seven dollar a month it’s a lot cheaper then check cashing fees, stamps, money orders and gas driving all over to pay my bills.